Gingerbread House

Term: 4 Year: 2011
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The following Activity was completed by Year 3 students at Waverley Christian Collage.


An activity involving tracing, tearing, cutting, gluing and drawing


A3 green paper for grass, blue A3 photocopy paper to be torn for sky, Brown wrapping paper, strips of coloured
paper Red and purple paper for doors/path, Strips of variety of Coloured metallic paper. Small squares of brown
paper, Coloured metallic gel pen set. Glue sticks, HB pencils, scissors, multi-coloured match sticks, bright fancy
buttons, cellophane and clear buttons, Supertack glue, toothpicks and small plates for glue.

Step 1:

Starting with blue paper, tear a half circle/mound as a hill from one bottom corner around and across to the other
bottom corner. Glue onto Green paper.

Step 2:

Trace gingerbread house template into brown paper and glue 7cm from the top of the hill.

Step 3:

Choose a colour as a theme (two complimentary colours ie pink/purple). Cut out the roof and top of the chimney
stack. Cut out the doors and the shutters from coloured paper, use coloured metallic pencils to draw lines on the
doors and window shutters. Glue these into place.

Step 4:

Trace and draw on small squares of brown paper the face and buttons on the gingerbread men using gel pens. Cut out
and glue onto the house and ground. Complete drawing and cutting out lollipops, candy canes and lollies for stone the

Step 5:

Use structure glue to glue on the bright fancy buttons as lollies on the roof. To make wrapped lollies twist clear
buttons in cellophane. Stick these buttons alternately with the fancy buttons on the roof of the house.

Yvette Nowell
Waverley Christian Collage Primary Art Yr 3 – 6

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