Geometric Emu Drawings

Term: 2 Year: 2013

Students in Year 5, investigated the use of shape, line and colour in a picture.

They started by looking at emu images, dividing each image into basic geometric shapes. We discussed what kind of shapes to use and where to use them, for example, a front-faced emu would need a circle for the head, 2 smaller circles to resemble the cheeks, triangles for the mouth and so forth.

After practicing drawing the basic shapes of the emu in their Visual Art Diaries, students enlarged their geometric emu drawings onto a larger sheet of paper. The drawing had to be executed in oil pastels and students were shown different oil pastel techniques that they could use.

Their Visual Art Diaries were used again to try out the techniques, however, students were also encouraged to experiment and come up with their own oil pastel techniques. Students were allowed to use any colours resulting in colourful and fantastical emus.

Their main assessment task was to use geometric shapes to draw the emu and use a variety of oil pastel techniques.

Audrey Buttigieg Cardona
Head of Visual Arts Junior School
Westbourne Grammar 
Suitable for level 4