Gelli Plate Prints

Term: 2 Year: 2016

The theme I explored this year in Unit 3 & 4 VCE Art is flight and family. I have specifically had a focus on my bird (Mozza), who features in all three of my artworks. I think that pets play a big part in families, especially mine. I also enjoyed looking at wings and patterns, which is shown in my artworks as well. Vibrant colours also are a key aspect of my artworks.  

My first artwork ‘Bird and Girl’ is a painting of my bird and I. This artwork depicts the connections between my bird and I because we both feature in it.  

In my second artwork ‘The sanctuary’ I continued to explore pattern, colour, wings and my bird. It is in the form of 5 separate panels of wood with a painted image of my bird on each from different angles and positions. This artwork also included collage from Gelli prints that I created which added pattern to the artwork.  

My third artwork ‘Wings’ was quite different from the other two. I created two Gelli prints using wing patterns and bird silhouettes with layers.  

My three artworks all come together connecting to the theme flight and family with a huge focus on my bird. 

Nicola Rovatti  

Artist Statement provided by
Nicola Rovatti  
Carey Baptist Grammar School