Gaga Hats

Term: 4 Year: 2011
Gaga Hats 2
Gaga Hats 1
Gaga Hats 5
Gaga Hats 4
Gaga Hats 3

The "Lady Gaga" hats project was designed for yr 9 students of 3D Design.

They had to focus on a theme… Lady Gaga Goes to the hairdresser for example
Collect items and
visuals to enhance the theme, for example hair curlers. combs.etc
Design 6 SYMBOLS of the items

Look at SCALE


Look at  A COLOUR ( monochromatic was fine)

Look at SHAPE AND FORM when constructing the hats

No use of lettering or words


Must be functional

Box Hill High School
Suitable for Level 6