Funky Fish Designs

Term: 3 Year: 2011
Funky Fish Designs 2
Funky Fish Designs 1
Funky Fish Designs 5
Funky Fish Designs 4
Funky Fish Designs 3

During this semester, the Year 6 students from Sacre Coeur, Glen Iris, focussed on the elements of Art. The
students were challenged to design a ‘Funky Fish’ that incorporated all of the elements, with the main
focus on shape, colour, pattern and texture.

The students were encouraged to use bold colours and a variety of brush techniques, using acrylic paint, to create
texture. The intricate use of pattern enhanced the designs and further developed the textural effects.

The wonderful designs were finally embellished with gold and silver markers, beads and sequins, to add a touch of
flair to their Funky Fish designs.

Susan McDonald
Visual Art Teacher
Sacre Coeur
Suitable for Level 4