Friendship Book

Friendship BookDecorate a series of Cardboard Dolls to represent yourself in a range of ways. Students' artwork can be displayed around the classroom as a whole representation of the class. Students can observe each other's work and get to know one another.


Cardboard Doll Fold-up
Joggle Eyes 5 mm
Joggle Eyes 8 mm
Felt Brown or Black
Oriental Decorative Paper
Budget Fineline Pen
Giotto Turbo Maxi Markers
Satin Ribbon 3 mm Red
Paper Stripping 50 mm Red
Acetate 0.5 mm thick A4
One Hole Punch

How to make a Friendship Book

Step 1
Each student decorates with collage or markers, three of the cardboard dolls to represent themselves. The first doll in the sequence is dressed in the student’s favourite clothing. The second doll illustrates the student’s favourite colour. The third doll illustrates the student’s birthday or something quite special about them.

Step 2
Felt or other media may be used for hair, Joggle Eyes stuck on to each face and facial features drawn in with a fineline pen.

Step 3
The front and back cover of the Friendship Book may be made up of four dolls decorated in different colours representing countries attending the Games.

Step 4
Make a banner using Paper Stripping that includes the motto of these Games – One World One Dream.

Step 5
Attach the Paper Stripping to a thin strip of Acetate with a hole punched into either end.

Step 6
Punch a hole into the arm of the first doll in each sequence and join the sets by threading a length of Satin Ribbon through each set, starting with the cover and finishing with a set facing outwards.

Step 7
Tie the banner on to the front cover of the Friendship Book and stand the book up outside the classroom for all to see.