Food Dye Eggs


Food Dye Egg Blue
Dyeing hard boiled eggs is an Easter tradition across many cultures and religions. This can be done simply and effectively using ready-to-go food dyes such as the Eco Colours and embellishing your eggs with patterns, sequins and sparkles for that extra special effect.


Eco Colour Food Dye
Masking Tape
Mask Ease Stencil Film

How to make Food Dye Eggs

Step 1.
Cut a length of masking tape or stencil film and use it to create a design on a hard boiled egg, adhering the tape securely.

Food Dye Eggs in BagStep 2.
Submerse into dye bath for 5 minutes.
Note: Dark colours work best.

Step 3.
Leave to dry.

Step 4.
Embellish egg with dimensional paint, glitter glue, or sequins.

Dye bath recipe:
1/2 cup boiling water
1 tsp vinegar
Couple of drops of food dye to match desired colour intensity

Extension Ideas

  • Use wax crayons to draw a design before the egg dipping into dye bath, to create a wax resist.
  • Dye eggs and then decorate with Posca markers, Pearlen Pens, EverZart pens, or Kindy Glitz to really make them really shine.
  • Make a number of dye baths of different colours. Try immersing the entire egg into a light colour and then just half into a darker colour for a dip-dye/ombre result, or mask off a design and dip into multiple dye baths, working from light to dark, allowing each layer to dry in between.