Fold-Up Diorama


Step 1. Paint one flap of a Fold-Up Triangle Card with School Colours Paint (leaf green). Paint the rest of the card (both sides) warm blue. The centre triangle will be used to create a collaged scene.

Step 2. Wise Men: Use the Handmade Collage Papers to create clothes for the wise men. Add trims to the clothing using different patterned and coloured papers.

Step 3. Add a background to the centre triangle using Handmade Collage Papers e.g. mountains or the city of Bethlehem. Glue background elements in place.

Step 4. Glue the Three Wise Men in front of the background.

Step 5. Roll three balls (approx. 1.5cm) of skin coloured Magiclay (Candy Colours) and squash onto the bodies to form heads. Mix brown Magiclay for the beards. Add hands and other embellishments with Magiclay. Add modelled crowns to the Wise Men using Modelling Foam.

Step 6. Cut a star from Handmade Collage Papers and glue above the Wise Men.

Step 7. To create a night sky decorate the blue front and back of the card with dots using a Pearl Marker Pen.