Foam Printing Mixed Media Collage – Printmaking Art Lesson


In this video we work with printing foam to create a sea themed collage. By drawing into the foam with a blunt pencil we are able to create a surface to print from including patterns and small details.

We also create a background by using torn tissue paper which adds texture to the work. Using acrylic paint we roll this on to our foam and press cartridge paper over the top to create multiple prints.

Our final step is to cut out our prints and use foam tape to adhere them to our tissue paper background. Using the foam tape adds dimension to the work creating an subtle 3D effect.

Lesson Plan: Foam Print

Materials List:

Printing Foam A4
Rubber Lino Roller 100mm
Tissue 50 x 75cm
Chromacryl Paint 75mL Black
Double Sided Tape 50m x 12mm
Basics Zart Scissors 170mm
Zart Glue Stick 36g Fading Purple