Flying Pigs

Term: 2 Year: 2011
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This year the Grade 4 students embarked on a project to make pigs fly. 

They began by covering a balloon with papier mache.  Then cardboard tubes were attached to form the legs and
snout as well as three dimensional cardboard wings. Once all of these attachments were joined on, they applied papier
mache all over their construction to give it strength. The pigs were then decorated with all sorts of individual
designs.  Finally they attached some Joggle eyes and a curly tail.

Our flying pigs are an appropriate symbol for miracles; large and small are an everyday occurrence.  They
represent fun, fantasy, hope and humour.

If we can make pigs fly, we can do anything!

Rachel Hibberd
Deputy Director of Visual Arts
Haileybury College, Berwick
Suitable for Level 4