Flowers & Fish Fabric Collages

Term: 4 Year: 2008
Flowers 2008 8
Flowers 2008 7
Flowers 2008 6
Flowers 2008 5
Flowers 2008 4
Flowers 2008 3
Flowers 2008 2
Flowers 2008 1
Flowers 2008 17
Flowers 2008 16
Flowers 2008 15
Flowers 2008 14
Flowers 2008 13
Flowers 2008 12
Flowers 2008 11
Flowers 2008 10
Flowers 2008 9


  • To use fabric in picture making.
  • To develop an understanding how fabric can be decorated.
  • To learn simple methods of stitching.

How To:

  • We looked at a variety of fabrics and sorted and classified the materials according to colour, pattern, texture.
  • We talked about how fabric can be changed with food dye.
  • Students looked at pictures of flowers and discussed shape, line and colour. Students explored ideas for designs.
  • Students used food dye to paint their designs onto the fabric piece.
  • When the work dried students added more detail and decorated the flowers with fabric pastels and paint.
  • To work was framed and decorated with running stitch.

Learning Objectives:

  • To examine how fabric is constructed
  • To modify fabric by pulling threads.
  • To introduce children to weaving.
  • To develop skills of weaving, cutting and joining.

This is how we made it:

  • We changed the hessian by pulling threads to make gaps.
  • We used a variety of different materials to weave back into the pulled hessian.
  • We used our woven hessian piece as a background for an underwater scene.
  • We collaged fish and created seaweed with pipe cleaners, beads and felt.

Moreland Primary School