Flower Drawings

Term: 1 Year: 2018

At the beginning of the Year 7 Art course, the students from Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar learn techniques of using line, tone, stippling and cross hatching, working out proportions and drawing ellipses. The flower drawings gave the students the opportunity to apply some of the techniques they had learnt.

The students were asked to take many close-up photographs of dried flowers in vases around the room. The students had to consider their viewpoint, zooming in and cropping to create a pleasing image that displayed a variety of textures and patterns as well as some negative space.

After choosing one that displayed diverse textural qualities and good organisation of space they drew what they saw in great detail using a pencil. To create strong contrast, they made the background black using pencil and completed the artwork using line and stippling with a pen to achieve a number of different effects.

To develop their work further, they photocopied their finished drawings and then added watercolour to them as an extension.