First Fleet

Term: 1 Year: 2008

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How To:

Design and construction of a sailing ship that was suitable for carrying convicts and provisions needed to establish
a new colony in Australia. The Lord of the British Admiralty required 11 sailing ships that would withstand long
ocean voyages, have room for 1000 ‘passengers’, accommodation for animals, provisions, tools and enough
food for the first season.

Task One

Draw two designs of your sailing ship. One design that shows the layout of the ship from a ‘birds-eye view’,
and the second design drawn from the side view.  If possible, draw your ship to scale and include main features
of masts, rudder, wheel, cabins, galley, longboat etc. Include labels for all the main features.

Materials for design are to include lead pencil, fineliner and ruler.

Task Two

Items that you need to include in the construction of the ship

1. The ship must be made of at least three different materials

2.  The hull can be constructed of Balsa Wood, clay or papier mache.

3. The ship must have three masts,

4.  The sails can be made of Tyvek, paper or fabric dipped in stiffener.

5. The  bowsprit must be attached firmly to the hull.

6. The ship must be made to look like it is made of wood.

7. The ship must be painted/coloured.

8. The ship must be free standing.
Tintern Junior School
Suitable for Level 4