Fire Trucks & Ambulances

Term: 2 Year: 2012

During Term Three, the Preps were working on a Transport theme in Art which focussed on Construction and Collage. This particular project came about to coincide with the Preps’ visits from the Fire Brigade.

There was much excitement about the Fire Brigade coming to school. We began by discussing what the Preps had seen and learned from their visit. This led to further discussion about other people and vehicles that help us- eg: police officers, ambulance officers etc. We looked at some photographs of fire trucks and ambulances and discussed the features and parts on the vehicles. The students drew pastel drawings of these vehicles, trying to include as many parts and features as possible.

In beginning our collages, the students were given a pile of recycled materials on their table. We initially just looked at, played with and sorted through the array of plastic shapes, paper clips, bottle tops, rubber pieces, boxes etc. The children were asked to think about the features on the vehicles previously discussed, and to see if they could determine possible ideas and uses for these materials in making their ambulance or fire truck. The students had some fantastic ideas and we shared these with the class.

The children began assembling their vehicles onto a painted piece of cardboard. We did not glue down the parts at first. This allowed the children to explore further possibilities using the materials. Once they had tried some different arrangements and were happy with their vehicle, they used Supertac to glue their pieces down.

We were all very proud of the children’s achievements.

Kym Leon and Helena Swain
Primary Art Teachers
Buckley House
Ivanhoe Grammar School
Suitable for Level 1