Finding Strength during Difficult Times

Term: 1 Year: 2021

Discover the benefits of creativity, mental health and resilience strategies.

“As human beings we are hardwired for certainty. A lot of that control has been taken away from us.” Georgie Harman (CEO Beyond Blue)

How true. I think an issue during lockdown has been around technology. Colleagues confided that they’ve found it challenging because there was no compulsion to engage with it meaningfully… until now. The reality is that now there’s a real reason to do so. Not just to master the technology in teaching and learning, but also in our personal lives. Because our only form of connection when we’re in ‘lockdown’ is through technology. I’ve noticed my colleagues are more willing to make it work ‘second time around’. I’ve seen colleagues be highly creative with technology – things I didn’t know were possible. I’m trying to be more efficient in my approaches too. I know some people who have not had formal training in computer literacy, or they’ve put off learning it for a long time, so they don’t know the rules around technology and they just try different things – and it works. This is a new way of thinking – think maths equations approached from a different perspective. I’ve noticed the people who are willing to reach out for help are fine; however it’s the ones who aren’t reaching out that leadership needs to check in with for their welfare. Others are at a complete loss as to how to use the system and they require directive PD. My strategies include daily exercise and being around my family. I connect with others in my community via my devices and, when I’m teaching, at times I’m overloaded which can be wearing, so I build mini moves into my day. Online chats with friends and colleagues lead to feelings of being alone. Paradoxically, through the world becoming smaller and more accessible, which helped to spread the virus, it has also offered reassurance to many of us who can keep connected online.

Fran Jackson
Art Teacher
St. Paul’s College Special School, Balwyn