Figures in Clay

Term: 1 Year: 2007

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Figures In Clay 2
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Figures In Clay 4

Students created one textured and one face scone from clay.

They kneaded the clay, and then formed spheres, which were flattened to create scones.
Texture was added
on to the two scones. The children randomly applied texture to the surface of the first scone, with the use of various
tools such as buttons. The second scone had texture added on. Coils and spheres were used to form the features of
the face scones. The fired scones were then painted. A demonstration of the application of paint to the face scone
was provided to ensure control and successful application of colour to various features. The students then used the
scones to create a three-dimensional collage of one self. These were presented on fun foam and later placed within
the students decorated mounts.


Tina Apostolakis
Springvale Primary School