Felting Unit

Term: 1 Year: 2013

As part of an integrated unit on farming, the students created a farming landscape using both wet and dry felting techniques. 

To begin with, they considered the type of farming background they would create.  Was it a lush green pasture or a drought stricken landscape?  The children enjoyed the process of selecting the colours for their landscape, and layering the wool tops ready for wet felting.  They were delighted with the results when their work was finally felted.

Next the children were presented with an assortment of photographs of farming life. Using these as inspiration, they then sketched their design of a farm scene in their visual journal.  These designs were refined and the children were encouraged to think about perspective.

Some children found that their original design was too difficult to dry felt and made adjustments accordingly.  Later the children were encouraged to add stitching to their work if they thought it would enhance their work.

Overall, the children were very happy with end result of their work and received positive feedback from the school community.

Joanna Elliot
Visual Art Teacher
Oxley College
Suitable for level 3