Felt Rugs

Term: 2 Year: 2006

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Uluru a Cultural Meeting Place

The Indigenous theme for this rug focuses on a beautiful campfire under the eyes of Uluru.The Aboriginal ancestors
are depicted, performing their dance rituals around the fire. The presence of spirits in the dark evening sky
is subtly evident. The border of this rug shows symbols for family, meeting places, emu tracks, kangaroos and

Felt Rugs

  • These rugs were made during Term 3, 2005 as part of an Artist in Schools program.
  • Textile artist Robyn Steel-Strickland worked with students from Grades 3-6 over ten weeks during art lessons
    to produce 5 large rugs representing the theme ‘Meeting Places”.
  • Over the ten week period all students were involved in the design and creation of the pieces.
  • A family gathering around the dinner table
  • An indigenous celebration-campfire at Uluru
  • A local community meeting place-Central Park Malvern
  • A school meeting place- Lloyd Street School Fair
  • Global meeting place-ancient historical sites

Lloyd Street Primary School