Fantasy Masks

Term: 4 Year: 2011
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Fantasy Masks 1
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Fantasy Masks 3

To introduce the topic the class looked at images of different faces. These images came from a range of media
including films, art and picture books. 

We discussed what all the faces had in common and also how the differed from each other. Students were then asked
to create their own three dimensional mask that exaggerated or changed the human form.


Step 1

Students started their project by using a plastic face mould as a base. This gave them a starting point on the
features they could alter.  Some students decided to create animals, fantasy characters and some chose more
abstract themes within their faces.

Step 2

Using newspaper and masking tape students built up the features of their masks until they had created the form
they desired.  Others chose to remove all human facial features completely.

Step 3

Once we were all happy with the results we encased our models in layers of Modroc. Some students found this step
challenging as,  even though we had discussed how newspaper would react when it came in contact with wet, heavy
Modroc, many had not expected the sagging outcome. After some quick structural repairs we soon got back on track.

Step 4

After the plaster had set students completed their designs by adding the finishing touches with a layer of paint.

The students loved working on this project, and while they had some difficulties in thinking in 3D and working
with plaster as their medium, they all agreed that their outcome was worth the hard work.

Litza Waters – Visual Art Teacher – Strathaird Primary School
Suitable for Level 4