Pop Art Faces

Term: 2 Year: 2006
Faces 2 4
Faces 2 3
Faces 2 2
Faces 2 1

This was a Year 8 Term 4 painting activity.

  • The students looked at Pop Art and examples of Tonal Drop-out. Andy Warhol’s Silk Screen Prints of famous people such as Marilyn Monroe were used for inspiration.
  • Students were asked to find an image of one of their screen or song idols, either from a magazine or from the internet.
  • They enlarged this to A3 size using Adobe Photoshop and then printed it in black and white to reduce the tones.
  • This image was then transferred using pencil onto an A3 (14 x 10inch) piece of canvas board.
  • They were then asked to paint the image using flat, bright non-realistic acrylic colours.

Our Lady of Sacred Heart Bentleigh