Fabulous Feathers

Term: 1 Year: 2012

The students had been captivated by the colourful native birds inhabiting the trees around the school, prompting some to bring binoculars, and borrow bird identification books.  The Rod Clement book, “Feathers For Phoebe” provided further stimulus for this unit of work.

After viewing a series of different art forms depicting birds, the students developed a dictionary of different “bird parts”.  They also revised their understanding of colour theory.  Time was given to discussing and developing repetitive patterns.

The students then started to select different “bird parts”, to compose gorgeous, marvellous, stunning birds.  When satisfied, they enlarged their favourite onto Cartridge, and outlined it with black permanent markers.

Using small brushes and thoughtful colour selections the students painted their designs using Food Dyes.  When completed, they discussed, planned and devised different ways to create a background to enhance their artworks.  This required those confident students to cut out quite intricate designs and explore proportion and balance of composition.

Margot Sheean
Visual Art Teacher
Thomastown West Primary School
Suitable for Level 3