Term: 4 Year: 2011
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Expressionism 3

Year 10 Visual Arts- Major area of study is Expressionism.

Students are given an opportunity to explore “Expressionism” as an art style after quite a few
sessions looking, discussing and analysing a variety of Artists from overseas and Australia. Some of the Artists that
we explore as a class include Van Gogh, Munch, Picasso, Whiteley and Drysdale just to mention a few.

“Exploring & Responding”

Students are required to investigate further their selected artists work in the form of a research investigation.
This includes background information, influences on their works as well as the ability to analyse and discuss the
Artist work focussing on characteristics of their compositions and personal style.

“Creating & Making”

The students understanding of their selected artist’s work is further encouraged by producing a painting.
Students explore their selected Artists technical approach to painting by emulating either their style and method of
painting. There were many challenges in place for the students so that colour mixing and paint application methods
had to be trialled and refined prior to commencing. An understanding of the Artists use of the elements and
principles of design is further reinforced in a practical manner. For some of these students it was the first time
they have used a canvas and although it was daunting at first, you would agree with me that they have risen to the
many challenges.

Arts Domain Leader and Classroom Teacher
Heathmont Secondary College
Suitable for
Level 6