Mixed media design with Fashion Croquis

In this video, students will learn about fashion design and negative and positive space by creating various backgrounds using different materials to interlay with a human figure. In order to show and present different dress styles.

Suitable for Grade 6 and upwards, this activity can be broken down over 3 lessons.

Lesson 1 and 2

Students will be introduced to fashion design and trends. Teachers may want to show different fashions around the world and discuss in class. Focus on the shape of clothing as this will lead to the practical component of the lesson.

Students will then be given a photocopy of a fashion croquis figure. Students may draw over these print outs to draft clothing designs. Teachers may want to discuss silhouettes how their clothing will look in a silhouette form.

Students trial different materials to create patterns and colours to use with their design. Some materials may include watercolours, Magiclay, Posca Markers, Acrylic Paint or Pastels on Cartridge Paper or other materials. These sheets will be used with the fashion croquis once it is cut out.

Lesson 3

Students create their clothing design by using a pencil to draw the silhouette of the clothing over their croquis. Once the shape is drawn students will cut the drawn shape out using a knife. Higher level students may want to include finer details in their designs like thin straps and belts.

Students can then interlay their material trials with their croquis. Students then take pictures of their different designs. Photos of the completed croquis can then be displayed.


Students can reflect on which patterns and materials worked well and what didn’t work well. Students can also explore different surfaces and textures around the class room and take pictures of their figures.

Lesson Plan: Fashion Croquis

Materials Used

Cutting Mat
Fashion Croquis
Cutting knife (alternative – precision scissors)
Watercolour Paints
Cartridge Paper
Mixed media to create backgrounds