Environmental Art

Term: 4 Year: 2006

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Art is a wonderful platform for students to express their feelings and views about the world in a meaningful way.

Montrose Primary School is part of the Sustainable Schools Program and have been learning about ways to save our environment
and our resources. The challenge for these artworks was to convey the message: "Don't Rubbish our Environment."

Students looked at the work of environmental artists, such as that of John Dahlson, who makes sculptures from rubbish
collected on the beach, and also William Wareham, the official artist-in-residence at San Francisco's rubbish
tip.  Wareham creates sculptures from metal scraps and his works are displayed at the tip.

Students worked in groups to discuss their approach and design for their piece.  The sculptures needed to be solid and
well designed so that they could be displayed.

Over the next few weeks, students collected personal rubbish from home and school, eg. tickets, wrappers, batteries,
tins, boxes. The art room also had a good array of junk for the recycle depot. During classes, the groups constructed
their sculptures using tape and papier mâché to cover and stabilize the structures.  Over the following
week they painted their work and decorated it using more of their personal rubbish and found objects.

In conclusion, the students were also required to compose an original slogan for their sculptures to reinforce their
message. The sculptures were displayed in the school foyer for the community to view, and the students were required
to present their work at assembly to their peers.

The results of this project have empowered the students involved to believe that through their art they can make
a difference and communicate their opinions in a powerful and positive way.


  • Internet – Environmental Artists.
  • Various junk from the recycle depot , tape, Viponds Paint, papier mâché,
  • various pens, eg. Prockeys, feathers and decorating materials.

Visual Arts Teacher
Montrose Primary School