Emotion Drawings

Term: 4 Year: 2016

Year 4 students from Haileybury Brighton explored and researched two-dimensional artworks by Italian Artist Modigliani to develop their understanding of the ways in which Colour.

Tone and Line can be used to display emotion and the personalities of portrait subjects. Students use iPad technology to research the artist and artworks, then explore and expand their understanding of the ways different cultures including Indigenous Australians, use pattern and lines in their artworks.

Students apply this knowledge and research to create design drawings in their Visual Diaries of faces displaying the emotion “sadness”. They experiment with soft Pastels. Students then create an authentic portrait drawing of a face displaying the emotion sadness using simple lines. They refine their drawings using black pastel outline and colour the portraits using tones of soft pastel. Students present their finished art works to peers and explained how they used line, colour and tone to create their portrait and show the intended emotion.

Artwork provided by
Judith Robertson
Haileybury College,Brighton