EDAR arts Mosaics

Term: 3 Year: 2013

“Cats”  Teresa Salvatori

The artist has communicated her affection for cats beautifully in a contemporary and stylized way. This thoughtfully composed work combines the geometry of the cut tiles with the organic nature of the cats. The stark contrast between the black background and the white foreground emphasizes the subject matter of the two cats. The artist went through a series of processes to come to this highly successful and moving work of art.

“MJ’S  Glove” Nick Bywater

Nick is a talented and expressive artist whose love of music and Pop Culture provides endless inspiration. His mosaic tile seen here pays homage to Michael Jackson and his incredible career. The use of various media brings a wonderful dynamic to the work and a highly textural composition. Nick’s time at EDAR Arts has seen him explore a range of techniques and he has been taught by a talented and highly creative artist John Patone.

“Rocky road” Julian Martin

People living with a disability can come up against obstacles which they have to overcome. “ Rocky Road” is a powerful reminder that even the smallest details, such as the physical path you are walking can be difficult for some to navigate.  Next time you are walking along the footpath take note of the surface area and think about how someone living with a disability may be affected by it. This is a beautiful work compositionally and a highly emotive work. The undulating textures and simplicity of the monochromatic colour palette helps emphasize the material and its significance to the artist.

“Batman” Nick Bywater

Gaining inspiration from popular culture is a powerful and relevant way of expressing your individuality. Being drawn to certain aspects of life and representing them in the form of art tells a story, one which an audience can read. Batman is a celebrated super hero and artist Nick has captured the form and iconic, globally recognized features of this character beautifully. 

“Owl” Louisa Iorfida

This mosaic tile is a wonderful representation of a much adored and celebrated subject, the owl. The intricate detail of the owl’s feet is testament to the skills and technique the artist has explored and developed. The artists’ choice of contrasting material for the eyes creates a piercing and almost unnerving experience for the viewer. However the use of colour and beauty of the composition draws you in and leaves you pondering what the owl is thinking. Some people say the eyes are the window to one’s soul, how do you feel looking into these eyes? 

 “Autumn tree” Julian Martin

Inspired by the seasons changing and the leaves turning into explosions of warm colours, this artist has captured the power and strength of Mother Nature. The use of controlled and stylized composition together with the carefully placed tiles imbues a sense of determination and solidity. Whereas the colour palette and occasional contrast in the shapes remind us of the subtleties and softness that nature can offer. Autumn tree is a beautiful work which is testament to the artist’s sense of composition, technique and conceptual thinking.

“Blue period” Phil Truett

Repetition creates pattern and in this case the artist has successfully and aesthetically employed techniques to create a unique and dynamic pattern. Truett has been working with mosaics for a number of weeks now and this is one of his earlier pieces, it is a celebration of his skills being developed. All these tiles were carefully cut and shaped and independently placed, glued and grouted. His choice of colour and change in direction is fascinating, almost as if we are walking along a path. Where do you think the artist is taking you?

“Untitled” Phil Truett

This mosaic tile has been beautifully composed by artist Phil Truett. The carefully considered colour palette and the use of various shapes and sized pebbles create a unique and highly tactile work. The translucent nature of some of the pebbles, also combined with the opaque pebbles creates strong contrast, emphasising the smooth texture and undulating forms of the materials employed.

“Kaleidoscope” Fulli Andranopolous

This highly complex composition is testament to the artist’s eye for colour and shape. The juxtaposition of the cut tiles together with the choice of colour creates energy and brings a sense of chaos to the composition. This striking work is one of many the artist has produced throughout her time at EDAR Arts.

“Untitled” Maifel Eweda

This colourful and quirky composition reflects the liveliness and humour of the artist. This work was produced through a planned and carefully executed process. The composition is thoughtful and the contrast in shapes and colours, dramatic. What is your interpretation of this work? Look carefully and consider. 

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