Step 1
When you have chosen the photo you want to use, convert it to black & white and adjust the contrast levels to remove as much of the mid tones as possible

Step 2
Use a black marker to define the dark areas of the image on your printed copy

Step 3
Place a sheet of tracing paper over the print out and trace around all of the dark areas

Step 4
Turn the traced image over and copy the outline using a 2B or 4B pencil

Step 5
Turn the traced image back over and place it on top of you coloured paper. You will need to tape down the corners of both pieces of paper to stop them from moving

Step 6
Draw over the outlines to transfer the image onto the coloured paper and then you can start to fill in the black areas with your marker. You can refer back to your print out to make sure you colour in the correct areas

Step 7
When you’re done, cut around the outside of the portrait and glue it onto another piece of paper in a contrasting colour

Step 8
Now all it needs is a frame!