Easter Bilby

Get ready for Easter with this fantastic decorated Bilby idea! Use collage skills to create an Easter Egg hunt scene onto a Cardboard Bilby, using brightly coloured decorative papers! Be creative and have fun making your design unique!


Cardboard Bilby
Kinder Squares Flint
Poster Colours Paint by Zart
Pearl Paper
Zart School Colours Paint
Retro Pop Paper
Cotton Filters
Joggle Eye

How to make an Easter Bilby

Step 1
Paint a Cardboard Bilby using blue Poster Colours, to represent the sky.

Step 2
Cut some small oval shaped Easter Eggs from Retro Pop Paper or other decorative papers.

Step 3
Cut strips of green Kinder Squares with a jagged edge to represent grass.

Step 4
Layer the strips of grass on top of each other, applying glue only to the bottom edge.

Step 5
Cover the Bilby’s tail with a strip of green Kinder Square and glue it and the grass in place.

Step 6
Glue the eggs in amongst the grass as though they are hidden.

Step 7
Cut off any excess paper extending over the edge of the Cardboard Bilby.

Step 8
Paint some fluffy white clouds in the sky by dabbing white Zart School Colours Paint using a Cotton Filter.

Step 9
Glue on a Joggle Eye for the Bilby.