Early Colonial Collages

Term: 3 Year: 2012

This unit of work began with groups of students researching an important event in Australia’s history. 

A 1:1 scaled ‘scenery plan’ was set out and drawn. This plan was used as a plan for the group to continually refer back to.  Backgrounds were then painted in colours that closely resemble the Australian landscapes.  Students were provided with a wide variety of collage materials and were also encouraged to find some natural materials, to make their objects from.

Finally, the objects made were glued onto the backgrounds.  Skills were taught and demonstrated by the teacher and students were required to work co-operatively and effectively as teams throughout the process.

The collages took a term to complete, and were displayed proudly around our school.

Sylvia Ioannidis
Visual Art Teacher
Yarrambat Primary School
Suitable for Level 4