Dry Felting

Term: 2 Year: 2009

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The inspiration for this project came from looking at the work of the artists Vassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee and Joan
Miro. This brought up the concept of abstraction and the simplification of shapes, forms and images.

Kandinsky attempted to capture the qualities of music in a visual way. Much of the vocabulary used in art description is
also used in the description of music. Examples: Composition, harmony, rhythm, repetition/beat, contrast, colour,
balance and so on.

Students also looked at how fields of overlapping shapes and lines can create spatial effects and movement.

The work of Klee and Miro demonstrates how the reduction of images into simplified shapes can be effective.

Colour choices were made based on an understanding of advancing and receding colours, the value of colours and whether the
colours were warm or cool.

Each student produced a range of thumbnail designs in their workbook using coloured pencils.

Year 8

St. Leonards College Brighton