Rainbow Fish Dry Felting

Term: 4 Year: 2006
Dry Felting 2016 6
Dry Felting 2016 5
Dry Felting 2016 4
Dry Felting 2016 3
Dry Felting 2016 2
Dry Felting 2016 1
Dry Felting 2016 7

After attending a Zart Art workshop on ‘Dry Felting’ earlier this year I became quite excited about the process.

I ordered some felting needles, Wool Tops and A4 Felt and began to experiment myself. I soon discovered I could apply synthetic threads and textures to my work if I combined them with the natural fibres we had used in the workshop. Pleased with these results I began to get even more creative, applying handmade and speciality papers (especially Zart’s Lace Paper) to the designs with the help of Wool Tops beneath and on top of the paper segments.

For Term 3 I was planning a unit of work based on ‘Story-telling’ for my Year 8 students. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to use this new felting technique. We based our work on the book ‘The Rainbow Fish’ by Marcus Pfister. After learning the felting skills and trialling a number of different threads and materials, each student planned how they would illustrate a section of the story in this way.

Regardless of skill level, all students have managed to achieve a great result of which they can be proud. The girls were enthusiastic and engaged in the process and are now excited to be able to showcase their work for you.

Ladies College Eltham