Dry Felted Animals

Term: 4 Year: 2013

Students selected an animal photo (from Zoo magazines/posters & old calendars) and carefully observed the tones of colour. 

They chose a background square of felt, and began laying out blocks of wool tops as background colour matching the proportions in the photograph.  They used felting needles on foam blocks to attach this layout to the felt. 

Next they started adding detail and layers of tones to bring the image to life, carefully referring back to the original photograph.

They could use any embellishments such as cut out shapes from felt scraps (needled on with a very thin layer of wool tops over the top), wool, buttons (sewn on) or feathers partially felted on. 

Finally students chose a background piece of card, and sewed the felting onto the mount with running stitch.

Jeanine Arthur
Art Co-ordinator
Balwyn North Primary School
Suitable for level 4