Term: 3 Year: 2009
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The Topic is called Getting Connected with Paper. This unit of work was inspired from the book Drawing on the right
side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. The aims of these drawings are for students to learn not to be afraid of spoiling
the white paper and learn a new way of making a picture. They learn to fill the entire page with carefully controlled
lines using the scribble and wax-resist technique. They also learn a new way of seeing. The students do a series
of 4 prepared line drawings. One drawing has horizontal and vertical lines followed by diagonals, circles and diamonds.
They use each paper as a prepared ground for picture making.

In the prepared drawing of horizontal and verticals students find a face following the lines they have already drawn.

We look at a modern artist FEININGER whom used a similar method to make a picture and also Paul Klee.


Students choose a portrait from a magazine or they take their own photographs to draw from using the Grid enlargement
technique. This grid assists students to have confidence in drawing. This technique also allows them to re-create
a fairly accurate likeness from their original picture. They learn to add tone and texture by only using their pencils.
Caroline Chisholm College Braybrook