Drawing Owls

Term: 3 Year: 2014

Cranbourne West Primary’s students in Years F-6 used observational drawing skills to create pastel works on brown Kraft Paper.

Unit: Drawing
Year Levels: One to six
Duration of Unit: One hour
Term: 2

Unit Learning Focus:

Observational drawing, using garden theme as inspiration.

Teaching & Learning Activities

Week 1:


Observational easel drawing with pastel and kraft paper

Themed to our garden so we are looking at birds but on his particular lesson owls Age multi from grades 1 to 6 Art elements used were shape, colour and tone.

Time duration: one hour

Resources and Materials

Zart kraft paper
Dry pastels
Easels / bulldog clips
Photographs of owls 

Assessment Tools

Looking at use of pastel

Use of space/composition

Creative success

Link with other domains

Social competencies