Down On The Farm

Term: 2 Year: 2011
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Down On The Farm 2
Down On The Farm 1
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Down On The Farm 4

The ‘Down on the Farm’ Collages were inspired by the Year One Integrated unit, “From the Farm
to the Table”.

The students had acquired a great deal of knowledge about farms through their learning in the classroom, so much
of the ‘tuning in’ stage had already been put in place, including an excursion to a working farm.

After much excited discussion about their farm outing, our collages began to take shape.
The first stage was
to use a basic press and lift printing technique with a sponge to create the background. Some students chose to drag
their sponges, creating a more streaky effect.
For the collage stage, a focus was to introduce the students to a
wide variety of materials that could be used to create different effects. The collages took several weeks to
complete, and each week, I would provide additional materials and help the students to develop ways of using them.
The students had fantastic ideas of their own and were eager to share these ideas with their peers.

There was so much excitement and cooperative learning happening each week. It was a wonderfully creative

Kym Leon
Primary Art Specialist
Buckley House
Ivanhoe Grammar School
Suitable for Level 1