Dove Paper Stripping Mobile



Step 1. Cut a 30cm length of 25mm wide paper stripping or, cut a 50cm length of the 50mm wide stripping.

Step 2. Fold a knot at its centre and carefully press down.

Step 3. Cut a ‘v’ shape at one end for the bird’s tail.

Step 4. Cut and shape the opposite end to form the bird’s head and beak. TIP: Draw the outline of the bird’s head before cutting. Alternatively, younger students may round off the end and add the bird’s beak in step 5.

Step 5. Leave plain, or add features, eyes and feathers in contrasting paper stripping colours.

Step 6. To hang the bird, create a hole with a punch or a satay stick and tie on some string (or fishing line).

Step 7. Display birds on a hanging mobile or attach to a suction cup for a wonderful window display!