Dotted Santa & Reindeer


Step 1. Create patterned paper by stamping three A4 sheets of coloured Cover Paper with the Foam Stencil Stampers and Zart School Colours Paint. Set aside and allow to dry.

Step 2. Cut out shapes approximately 15cm to 20cm to be used as the body, arms and legs of your character.

Step 3. Background: Prepare a snow scene by tearing A3 white cover paper long ways into two to three wavy strips. Using a glue stick, layer and glue the strips on top of each other to resemble a landscape. Glue the landscape on a sheet of A3 Cover Paper.

Step 4. Arrange and glue the body, arms and legs to form the character on the background.

Step 5. For trees cut 20cm triangles out of the left-over pattern paper and glue to the background.