Dolls and Roosters

Term: 2 Year: 2006

Dolls And Roosters 3
Dolls And Roosters 3
Dolls And Roosters 2
Dolls And Roosters 1
Dolls And Roosters 6
Dolls And Roosters 5
Dolls And Roosters 4

Dolls in Sleeping Bags

  • Grades prep, One and Two from Koondrook Primary School created these very cute “ Dolls in Sleeping
    Bags” during our textiles unit in term 3.
  • We learnt to execute a range of stiches using acrylic yarn and hession . We were really excited with
    our finished creations.
  • In class we wrote stories about our dolls and made these into mini books as part of our ‘Book
    Week’ activities.

    Year of the Rooster

    • Grade 5 & 6 students from Koondrook Primary School were intrigued by a string of Vietnamese fabric
      chickens at a Queen Victoria Market stall whilst at Urban Camp in June.
    • They decided that they could create their versions of these chickens/roosters in their weekly art
    • Initially we used Procion dyes to create a fabric colour wheel with the primary colours.
    • These beautifully coloured fabrics were then cut , stitched , stuffed, glued, decorated and then strung
      to create their fantastic mobiles.
    • A variety of sewing techniques and skills were learnt along the way including developing their patience
      and perseverance.

    Shelly Mitchell
    Murray Plains MACC- Mobile Art Craft Centre