Distorted Line Design

Term: 4 Year: 2011
Distorted Line Design 2
Distorted Line Design 1
Distorted Line Design 5
Distorted Line Design 4
Distorted Line Design 3


•To explore line and colour in design and create a collage using these elements
•To experiment with
line –  making a straight line curved


•A5 paper, grey leads, black A4 paper, coloured card for framing
•paint in 2 colours, brushes
•scissors, glue


•On A5 paper rule a line from one side to the other (can be diagonally) Two lines could be ruled to allow use
of a further band of colour.
•Choose 2 colours that stand out against each other/contrast well.
Complementary colours are good: yellow & purple, blue & orange, green & red.
•Paint carefully
along one side of the line, making sure the line is kept straight. We are aiming to make the line become curved later
on, so it must be straight to start with. The trick to making the line straight is to press down firmly with the
brush and to have enough paint on the brush. The line will become fuzzy if there is not enough paint loaded on the
brush. Leaving a small space so the colours of paint don’t mix together, paint the rest of the paper with the
other colour. The space left white will create another line in the design. Allow the paper to dry. If the line is not
sharp and has a fuzzy edge from the paint brush, use a pastel in matching colour to sharpen and straighten.
•The elements we will be assessing: line and colour.
• Cut painted paper into strips 1 cm wide. You may
want to rule the strips on the back of your work first, neatly and carefully. Cut out one at a time and turn over to
painted side to avoid upsetting the order. Arrange strips on black paper so that the line that was straight becomes
curved. Experiment with patterns: spirals, fans, waves, curves up and then down.
•Paste down only after you
are satisfied with the design and you are sure it fits correctly on the page.
•Framing: use coloured card to
match as a frame. Some of the strips may protrude into the frame space which adds to your design. 
Coolaroo South Primary School
Suitable for Level 3