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Term: 4 Year: 2007

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Year 11


UNIT 1 – Artistic inspiration and techniques.

As part of their folio, Year 11 students at Ave Maria College worked through the design process to explore, develop
and refine imagery and layouts using cut paper collage techniques. The concept was to form a trip-titch sequence
connected through the aesthetics of line, colour and shape and arranged considering pattern, figure and ground.

Covering areas of the key skills in Outcomes 1 and 2 they were set a task that incorporated research and analysis
of specific artists work, exploration and refinement of design concepts in a visual form and investigation, exploration
and refinement of particular qualities of this studio form to establish a personal style and application in their
finished artwork.

* Initially students sourced and analysed the works of three female artists –

* Rosalie Gascoigne

* Emma Langridge

* Bridget Riley

These artists were chosen for their personal style and application of the various design tools including their use
of line, colour, shape and pattern.

* Design and collage trials –

Following discussion and analysis of each artist's imagery they were set a series of small design tasks which
were completed in their visual diaries.

Working on a format of 7 x 7 cm they visually responded to a list of layout considerations. Using paper only, students
were encouraged to consider texture, surface decoration, text, imagery and colour to enhance not only the use of
pattern but the effect on figure and ground. They were also encouraged to explore the type, definition and the size
of the line, and shape used.

Some of these design tasks included –

1 x plain background, pattern ground – line only – 1 direction – same width

1 x plain background, pattern ground – line only – 1 direction – different width

1 x plain background, pattern ground – line only – 2 directions – same width

1 x plain background, pattern ground – line only – 2 directions – different width

–  repeat including a square shape/s

–  repeat including a rectangular shape/s

–  repeat in reverse

–  repeat using line to create a curved pattern

* Selection and refinement of design and layout –

Students selected between three to five of their most successful trial solutions and over 2-3 pages (approx. 20 
trials in total) developed grey lead linear drawings in their visual diaries. They needed to consider compositional
layouts based on a rectangle format size 5 x 15 cm which was divided into 3 areas. The final aim was to establish
a connection or flow throughout each trip-titch layout.

* Selection and refinement of the final layout –

After selecting the most workable design, students worked with the final scale of 16 x16 cm in their visual diary.
They considered the use of colour combinations, pattern formats and paper types on their final layout trials.

This final exercise also gave them the opportunity to refine their control and application of cutting using a stencil
knife and pasting techniques.

Through annotation and evaluation each student established a work plan that considered each layer and the formula
for the construction of their final selected composition.

* Finished artwork –

Each student was given 3 pieces of mount card 16 x16 cm.

Once completed finished pieces were raised on a small piece of foam core and mounted 2 cm apart in sequence on a
larger rectangle of contrasting mount.

Ave Maria College Essendon