Dangling Window Characters


Step 1. Draw the body and head of your Christmas characters onto a foam sheet. Cut out and glue pieces together with Supertac.

Step 2. Attach joggle eyes and draw in other features with an EverZart Pen and oil pastels.

Step 3. Pierce arm and leg holes into the foam using a skewer.

Step 4. Cut Paper Form-It into desired lengths for arms and legs. Use oil pastels to colour in limbs.

Step 5. For the hands and feet, thread a bead onto one end of each length of Paper Form-It and secure by folding back the ends around the bead. Poke 1cm of each arm and leg through the holes you have created, and fold down on the other side to secure. Allow them to hang down.

Step 6. Pierce one final hole at the very top of your Christmas character to attach a suction cup.