Cup Day Hat

Go all out with your fashion accessories this year for the Melbourne Cup! This fabulous hat would be an absolute hit at the races. Use simple skills to create an abundance of gorgeous flowers to decorate a hat!


Australian Bush Hat
Tissue Paper Asst
Basics Chenille Stems
Chromacryl Students Paint
Feathers Assorted
Supertac Glue

How to make a Cup Day Hat

Step One
Paint a hat and put aside to dry.

Step Two
To create a flower, lay 3 different colours of Tissue Paper together.

Step Three
Concertina fold the Tissue Paper.

Step Four
Cut in half across the width.

Step Five
Twist a Chenille Stem at the centre of the concertina strips.

Step Six
Gently pull up the top colour followed by the other colours.

Step Seven
Glue the flower designs on to the hat.

Step Eight
Glue Feathers to the hat.