Correction Pen and Collage

Term: 2 Year: 2011
Corowa South
Correction Pen And Collage 1
Correction Pen And Collage 13
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Correction Pen And Collage 11
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Correction Pen And Collage 9
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Correction Pen And Collage 4
Corowa South

Our Year 5/6 students really enjoyed this activity, in particular creating their individual backgrounds as they
had quite a few media options (set up at work stations) available to try.

Step One

After giving consideration to working in either a complementary or contrasting colour scheme each student textured
a couple of sheets of paper using one or more of the following options.

•Food Dye Sprayed – and while wet sprinkled with salt for etched effects.
•Maiden hair
fern/grasses etc, used as a stencil
•Sprayed areas randomly blotted with scraps of blotting paper to achieve
subtle tonal contrasts
•Paint – with rollers or cardboard scrapers
•PVA – glue trailing
with food dye spray
•Aerosol Sprays – Textured scraps from previous art projects were also available
from the recycle box.

Step Two

Collage Background
The textured papers were then torn or cut, assembled and pasted. Some students were happy
to spend their time planning intricate shape patterns (e.g. patchwork style) while others were more than happy with
‘4 rip/tears and its done’.
All approaches proved effective.

Step Three

An insect or animal with decorative potential was then sketched to desired shape on draft paper.

Step Four

Carbon paper was used to transfer this shape (basic only) onto the collage background either as a singular or
repeat motif.

Step Five

Pattern was then applied using correction pens.
Results were varied and interesting and the students were
proud of them.

Corrowa South
Suitable for Levels 5 & 6