Pop Art Inspired Comic Book Onomatopoeia


In this video we explore the style of Pop Art. We discuss the way that Pop Art used the comic book aesthetic to create pieces which incorporated words.

To begin we create a background by cutting out straight lines from bright coloured paper and sticking these down to another bright colour. We then use white paper to cut out cloud shapes and use a large marker to make dots on these. We stick these down over the straight lines, allowing them to go over the page.

We then create our next layer by using a darker coloured piece of paper and cutting this into pointed curved lines. We paste some card on the back of this piece to create some depth and paste this over our cloud layer. We then cut out some red spike shaped pieces, outline these in black marker and paste these down to our darker coloured piece.

For the next layer we cut out another jagged piece of white paper, outline it in black, paste cardboard on the other side and paste this down. The next step is to cut out our letters from another coloured paper, create dots on these letters, add cardboard to the back and paste these over our other layers

Lesson Plan: Pop Art Collage

Materials List:

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