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Victorian Essential Learning Standards…Level 4

Discipline-based learning

Domain – History

Standard – historical knowledge and understanding

"At level 4, students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of significant events in Australian history……European
settlement, the development of the colonies……..the 1850's gold rushes………."

Trying to get your head around VELS? Needing to fit more into a crowded curriculum?

As visitors admire our corridors filled with models of Captain Cook, convicts, Arthur Phillip's free settlers,
soldiers, and a large contingent of Ned Kelly's fully decked in their armour, this hands-on approach to learning
about early Australian history has been well appreciated by all.

With the history component of VELS emerging at level 4, our grade 5/6 children thoroughly enjoyed this art-room link
with their classroom integrated studies topic on early Australian history.

The children were able to research their characters, the historical context with its appropriate accessories, and
design costumes.

Built on an armature wire base, the characters were dressed using a variety of fabrics chosen for their suitability.
(Long gone are the days of making do with the fabrics from donated sources.) Specifically chosen fabrics add to the
authenticity of these models.

Hand sewing was required for the facial features of some characters, and the purchase of two simple sewing machines
meant each child sewed at least one of their garments using this technology. A simple pattern was provided for the

The hands were fashioned using Zart Paper Magiclay, which allowed the hand to be posed before the product dried.

The Ned Kelly models had armour fashioned from clay. The fired pieces were then coloured using water-soluble pastels.

The completed models were mounted on a wooden block, a support dowel piece either hidden beneath clothing or used to add
to the final scene, eg.  A flagpole, shovel, etc.

As the models were quite flexible, the children were required to pose their character before final attachment to
their base.

Workshop on this activity is at Zart Art on Saturday 3rd March 2007. Ring 9890 1867 to book or see our workshops


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