Collagraph Plates and Prints

Term: 3 Year: 2018

We created magazine page collages based on the theme of Popular Culture, as defined by each student.

Students were encouraged to think about Elements and Principles and composition as they created their collages. Sections of the collages were enlarged with a photocopier and used as inspiration to create collograph plates made from textured organic and inorganic materials glued onto strawboard. The plates were then coated with shellac. Once dry, the plates were used to create rubbings with black and coloured wax crayons and baking or tissue paper. Finally, the plates were inked up with Derivan Block ink and rolled through the press. This was a rather experimental process as they hadn’t used the press before. Substrates of different papers and fabrics were used, and students were encouraged to appreciate the beauty of the finished plates, where layers of ink had built up over the course of several lessons. On display are some of the plates, rubbings and prints. This is a unit of work in progress due to the fact that students want to make more collograph plates before we move onto drypoint etching on acrylic plates.

Year 8
Methodist Ladies’ College, Kew