Collages and Collagraphs

Term: 4 Year: 2016

During Year 4 Collage and Printmaking Unit students at Westbourne Grammar School explored a mixed media unit and learnt about using the elements of design shape and texture to create collagraph prints, relief artworks and collages.

They made their printing plates using recycled materials, such as orange bag netting and cereal boxes. They learnt how to build up their images cutting shapes, creating layers and texture to develop their design. They then experienced printing, using printing inks, printmaking paper and a printing press.

After completing their prints, students coloured their plates using a combination of oil pastels, water paints and Supergloss to create textural relief artworks.

During this unit students also further explored the use of the elements shape, colour and texture by creating collages out of recycled magazines. The focus for this activity was for the children to try and transform the magazine pictures into something else.

They were shown how they could use the magazines not as ‘existing pictures’ but as shapes, colours and textures that they could manipulate and transform to create their own unique pictures with.

Artwork provided by

Anah Creet
Acting Head JS Visual Art
Westbourne Grammar School