Collaged Pendant with Dimensional Magic

Jewellery 2d Magic

Dimensional Magic is a clear doming glaze that has a similar sheen to Resin but is non-toxic and ready to use, no mixing required! Its fine tip allows great control. Cover large areas or apply small dots as you desire. NB: It will not dry as thick as resin so should only be used to coat a decorated surface. Pop bubbles with a skewer whilst wet.

Step-by-Step: Collaged Pendant with Dimensional Magic

Jewellery 2 Dimensional Magic step 1

Step One

Create a pendant shape using round Armature Wire. Make the ends meet and wrap the wire to create a loop for threading.


Step Two

Use decorative papers to collage a design. Use Mod Podge to adhere the layers together. Trace the pendant shape.

Step Three

Place the design under the Wire and press the Wire down firmly, flush with the paper, so the liquid doesn’t leak underneath. Coat the surface with Dimensional Magic. Leave to dry overnight. Once dry, thread up your design.