Collaged Cross

Collaged CrossThese cardboard crosses provide a great project starter for your religious themed activities. Paper collage is an easy but effective decorating option and can provide a platform for teaching colour theory to younger children, such as by asking them to choose warm, cool, or complementary colours to decorate their cross.


Cardboard Crosses
Printed Foil Kraft Paper 
Glitter Paper 
Metallic Pearl Foil
Metallic Pattern Paper
Craft Glue

How to make a Collaged Cross

Step 1.
Tear up assorted papers.

Step 2.
Adhere with Zart Craft Glue.

Extension Ideas

  • Add washi tape into the mix; draw over the top; stick on sequins, small pom poms, or felt shapes.
  • Alternatively, use Shimmer paint as a base.