Collaged Cardboard Eggs

Collaged Eggs

Cover paper provides a nice base for many collage projects. Simply tear or cut small strips of crepe paper in assorted colours, scrunch them up and glue them on in any design you like! You can create polka dots, hearts, flowers, or any design your imagination desires!

These eggs can be made in any size. Simply use a diverse range of paper colours and textures or mosaic shapes to decorate your eggs! These would also make a great classroom mural.


Crepe Paper EggCover Paper
Crepe Paper
Mosaic Squares

How to make a Crepe Paper Egg

Step 1.
Cut egg shape out of cover paper. 

Step 2.
Tear or cut small strips/squares of of crepe paper, scrunch them up into little individual pieces.

Step 3.
Glue the crepe paper on in patterns, using Supertac.

Step 4.
Cut a bow out of metallic crepe paper and adhere it to the egg.

How to make a Mosaic Egg

Mosaic EggStep 1.
Cut egg shape out of cover paper. 

Step 2.
Trace the egg shape onto metallic crepe paper and stick the two together (the cover paper provides strength to the crepe paper). Doing it in this order minimises wastage (compared to sticking a rectangle of crepe paper onto the cover paper and then cutting the egg) and also adds an extra skill step.

Step 3.
Use the ready made mosaic squares to create a patten. Alternatively, you could cut any patterned or textured paper into geometric mosaic pieces, or use sequins as your embellishment.

Step 4.
Once you're happy with your design, glue them down with a glue stick.

Extension Ideas

Add embellishments such as sequins, pom poms, or washi tape, or decorate your Easter egg with Colour Slix, Pearlen pens, or a splash of paint.